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    "Jurassic Park" Kid Isn't Too Wild About That Chris Pratt Theory

    Hold on to your butts.

    One of the popular Jurassic World theories doing the rounds right now regards Chris Pratt's character, Owen Grady.

    The theory goes that Grady is actually this kid from the original Jurassic Park, all grown up.

    The boy (played by Whit Hertford) made a brief but memorable appearance at the start of Jurassic Park, playing a cheeky kid who's scared shitless by Dr Alan Grant (Sam Neill).

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    The theory proposes that Grady would be around the same age as that kid would be now, and that Grant's terrifying lecture about "respecting" raptors led to Grady becoming "The Raptor Whisperer" we see in Jurassic World.

    Well, this is Whit Hertford, the Jurassic Park kid, today.

    He's now a theatre director for Riot Act, and is based in London.

    Fittingly enough, Riot Act describes one of its creative objectives as "resuscitation through excavation, exploration".

    Anyway, Hertford had this to say about the Grady/Jurassic Park kid theory.

    for the record, @prattprattpratt is not playing a grown up version of my character in @JurrasicWorld. that role is mine, dammit!

    Try to show a little respect, Pratt!

    Here's a fun video of Hertford trying to convince cinema punters that he's really that kid:

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