17 Of The Most Adorably Cringey Christmas Pictures Ever

    See, you're not the only one with an embarrassing festive portrait hanging in your parents' house. H/T Awkward Family Photos.

    This is clearly a very personal article for me.

    #tbt - me (on left) not looking very happy to be visiting Santa. Loving my hood though.


    1. "Whoa, hang on, this isn't my apartment! Who are these kids?"

    2. Father for Christmas.

    3. I think we can agree these parents win Christmas.

    4. Even as a baby, Santa Claus was rocking an impressive beard.

    5. Christmas: a time for sharing.

    6. Yep, over it.

    7. OVER IT!

    8. "If I'm going down, I'm taking the girl with me."

    9. "The red collar was mine you BITCH!"

    10. So. Much. Sweater. Envy.

    11. The family that nativities together, stays together.

    12. "Ugh, men!" says the little girl.

    13. Too much frickin' joy!

    14. Tradition is important at Christmastime.

    15. There's always one...

    16. Bad Santas.

    17. And on that note, another traumatic one from my own childhood.

    Look at the eyes.