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This Guy Explains Internet Slang To His Dad And It's Adorably Awkward

"NSA? Is it 'something arse'?"

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Irish YouTuber Riyadh Khalaf is no stranger to making awkwardly cute videos with his parents.

In his latest upload, Riyadh tries to explain rude internet slang to his dad, Sam. Over a couple of beers, the pair go through terms such as "thirsty", "bae", "NSA", and "fap and schluck".

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Riyadh told BuzzFeed: "Dad swears very freely. Swear words seem to flow from him much easier, and clearer, compared to less strong language.

"When we were growing up, Mom would always force me to say 'sugar' instead of 'shit', and 'feck' instead of 'fuck', but lately we've realised the joy in not giving any fucks within our household. They're just words, and bloody brilliant words at that! We have our favourites that are used only on special occasions."

"Before filming, it was suggested by a viewer on Twitter to ask him what 'Truffle Butter' meant. But after physically retching from simply thinking about it, I decided that one was best left to Nicki Minaj."

"It goes beyond knowing about his chat-up line! I know the story of my conception. I involves a B&B in County Wexford, the movie Rocky, and a gallons of red wine. We discuss shit like that a lot. Why? Why not! Dad wooed Mom one night in London in the late 1980s. He was a DJ in a wine bar, she was a barmaid in the same bar. He played her UB40 tracks and spoke in broken English over the mic, 'This a song is for the bootiful Lorraine'. How could she resist?"

"He was reading the comments under the video last night, and laughing to himself that people are already calling him the ultimate DILF," Riyadh said. "He is a handsome chap, and he knows it! I'm just happy I have somewhat of an idea what I'll look like into my 50s. These gay men and young women lusting after my dad will have to get through my mom, though."