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    This "Simpsons" Fan Created Cover Art For The Springfield Film Festival Entries

    Christian Lynch pays tribute to such classics as Pukahontas, Man Getting Hit By Football, and A Burns For All Seasons. H/T: The AV Club.

    Writer and comedian Christian Lynch noticed that it's the 20th anniversary of The Simpsons' legendary Springfield Film Festival.

    The festival was the centrepiece of the episode, "A Star Is Burns", which first aired in March 1995.

    In the episode, Springfield residents host the film festival to boost the town's flagging popularity, and invite New York film critic Jay Sherman to judge the entries.

    In tribute to the episode, Lynch has mocked up cover art for the films' imagined Criterion 20th anniversary Blu-ray covers.

    Even The Simpsons co-creator and show-runner Al Jean has given the project covers the thumbs up.

    .@thesimpsons If you'd told me 20 years ago this would've happened I would've fainted like a football hit my groin.

    There's Barney's haunting prize-winning short, the sensitive, yet unfortunately-titled Pukahontas.

    Barney's win was at the expense of the festival's real crowd-pleaser.

    You may have seen this re-make of Hans' short film, featuring an Oscar winning performance from George C. Scott.

    Argh! My groin!

    Still, even the low-brow denizens of Springfield saw through Mr Burns' hackneyed propaganda.

    Self-indulgent tripe. BOO-URNS!

    Then again, what else would you expect from that hack, Señor Spielbergo?

    There was Bart's entry, deploying ahead-of-its-time hand-held footage.

    "'Relaxed-Fit', my aunt Fanny! Stupid doctors...Oh, the belt is buckled."

    Apu's CCTV classic also gets the Criterion treatment.

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    "Oh boy. This is gonna get worse before it gets better."

    Lastly, there's Moe's Cabaret-inspired joint.

    So many classics - see more of the covers on Christian's Tumblr.