These Pictures From Inside A Crayola Factory Are Magical

    Prepare to be transported right back to your childhood.

    Photographer Bryan Derballa visited a Crayola crayon factory in Easton, Pennsylvania, and took some truly amazing shots.

    The factory produces around 12 million crayons a day, and Derballa's pictures capture just how much work goes into creating them.

    To start, a silo with 100,000lbs (45,359kgs) of paraffin wax is heated and transferred to mixing kettles.

    Here, orange-coloured paraffin is shaped into wax crayons.

    Then, a positively Wonka-esque labelling machine prepares labels for the packaging.

    Meanwhile, the picture on the right shows the splatter and run-off left on the rotary mold tables from other crayon-making.

    The different coloured crayons are then separated and funnelled into boxes.

    The finished product is then ready to be sent out to the world to spread colourful joy.