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    These Blended Famous Faces Are Amazing And Terrifying All At Once

    You haven't lived until you've seen Marilyn Monrowan Atkinson.

    Swedish graphic designer and illustrator Kalle Mattsson created these collages of famous people and pop-culture characters, each of which blends two faces into one.

    To top it off, he has given his creations magnificent pun-tastic amalgamated names.

    His first effort was this one, created five years ago.

    Since then, he has created many more and posted them on his Tumblr account, Buffalo Bill Gates.

    Mattsson told BuzzFeed: "The logo I made for the site says it pretty well: half turd, half brain."

    I think it's high art and stupid fun. I've spent mad amounts of time making designs and images that push the envelope of mankind, but this is apparently what I do best, and by far what people like the most.


    Check out more of Mattsson's collages here.

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