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Chris Pratt Has Brought His "Jurassic World" Lego Figure On A Global Tour

Could this man get any goddamn cuter?

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You might have noticed that Chris Pratt has a pretty great sense of humour.

Well, it turns out that he has brought the Lego figure of his Jurassic World character Owen Grady with him on that movie's global press tour.

Sure enough, the results, documented on Pratt's Instagram page, are just 😍.

Here's Pratt and Lego Owen at Buckingham Palace.

There's a video of Owen zooming past Place de la RĂ©publique in Paris.

And here's another Paris adventure - with added John Williams score.

They also visited the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Most recently, the Pratts have hit Japan - here's Owen at Zojoji Temple in Tokyo...

And, of course, Pratt couldn't resist recreating the famous Raptor Squad meme at Tokyo's Happo-en garden.


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