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    Posted on Nov 12, 2014

    This Pepperoni Pizza Bedding Is The Sexiest Thing You'll Ever Bring Into Your Bedroom

    Rest in pizza.

    Rejoice, pizza lovers of the world, for this is indeed a glorious day. You can now buy this pepperoni pizza bedding, for your house, to sleep in blissfully forever and ever, amen.

    OK, try to stay calm - breathe!

    This game-changing slice of bedroom joy - made by the beautifully named Emotional Rainbow - can be yours for $80 (that's £50 or €60).

    Think of the pillow-hugging action with that sexy spicy cover.

    Disney /

    You'll never want to get out of bed again.

    Walt Disney Pictures /

    Yes we can, pizza lovers. Yes we can.

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