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This Guy Eats Just Like Homer Simpson In Real Life And It's Perfect

'Tis no man; 'tis a remorseless eating machine.

Homer Simpson is a man with a heroic appetite, possessing a talent for snacking that puts even the best of us to shame.

20th Century Fox

As Captain McAllister once remarked of Homer: "'Tis no man; 'tis a remorseless eating machine."

This is one of Homer's great mindless scoffing sequences, from the Season 3 episode "Lisa the Greek".

20th Century Fox

Well, Colorado-based production company CinemaRaven decided to create a live-action version of that same snacking scene.

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The end result is perfectly in sync with the animated original, and the attention to detail is wonderful.

"The idea came while watching the show in our studio one night," CinemaRaven's director, Van Wampler, told BuzzFeed.

"On our days off we like to work on whatever it is we can to keep creative and fresh," he said. "The choreography wasn't as challenging as I thought it was going to be. We simply went frame by frame with the show."

"The whole thing would have been easier if the guy in the video, Caolan McArthur, could see the monitor that was set up in front of him."

"He has terrible vision without glasses on, so we had to tell him what to do. All in all, it took about seven hours from set-up to delivery, with a team of three."

No doubt Homer would approve, guys!

20th Century Fox

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