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    Gay Couples Describe The Difficulties They Face While Travelling

    The ad features LGBT couples sharing their hopes and fears about being accepted in wider society.

    Airbnb has just released a new ad campaign entitled #HostWithPride to tie in with Gay Pride celebrations taking place around the world this month.

    The message of the ad is to "strive for a world where we all can belong anywhere", and looking forward "to helping create a world where all love is not only accepted, but welcomed, everywhere we go."

    To that end, the ad features LGBT couples talking about their lives and families, and how being gay affects their decisions while traveling.

    "Traveling as a gay couple, some countries are less friendly than others. We spend time looking into the laws and how they deal with gay people," one couple said.

    Another couple added, "Planning a honeymoon as a queer couple, we have to be really careful where we go."

    It also addresses discrimination and the safety concern that travelling couples have had, including this trans man and his partner.

    "If people knew that I was trans and that we were queer, would these people talk to us? Would they be kind to us?" he said.

    What's more, it raises the fears the families have for their own kids, and whether or not there are limits to tolerance and acceptance.

    As one couple puts it: "We never want to come across a situation where you're with your child and you're going to deny being a family, or pretend like you're a mother and an aunt."

    "You shouldn’t be hoping for tolerance. People should appreciate you for who you are," one person said.

    Another added, "I would love to really experience the world knowing that you're welcome anywhere you go."

    The ad closes on this bittersweet message:

    People's initial response to the clip seemed to be positive and appreciative of the message.

    This AirBnB ad could easily have been pinkwashing, instead it's warm, honest & powerful about traveling differently

    Still moved/impressed by @Airbnb's #HostWithPride campaign. Beautiful. #LGBTI

    Love @Airbnb, nice to see them supporting love of all kinds everywhere. #HostWithPride

    Watch the full ad here and embrace The Feels.

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