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    16 Photos That Are Way Too Real For People Who Hate Spiders

    Warning: contains many pictures of creepy-crawlies. All of them taken in Britain, so you'll never feel safe again #sorrynotsorry.

    1. Last night comedian Bill Bailey posted a picture on Twitter of a terrifying arachnid encounter at his mate's house.

    Spotted this fine specimen in a friend's garden

    Oh, and just to clarify: this wasn't a shot taken during Bill's global gallivanting. This was taken in Willesden, north London.

    Here he/she is again this time being photobombed by a beetle, and it was in not Oz but Willesden

    2. It comes a week after BuzzFeed reported on this Brighton-set spider attack.

    I have never seen a bigger or angrier spider. What is it!? FANGS

    3. Well, it looks like that monster has - or had - an eeeeeevil sibling.

    @Damian_Barr His brother from another mother evaded me for 2hrs before I finally took his ass down πŸ’ͺ

    4. And that critter looks quite like this one spotted yesterday by this Instagram user.


    Any idea what spider this is? Found in garden UK, massive!!

    6. How about this...thing?

    Anybody know what this spider is please.. Found in my friends house in britain

    7. Brb, tucking the bottom of my trousers into my socks.

    Is this a false widow spider @wildlife_uk @Buzz_dont_tweet

    8. "Egg sack attached to its front". WTF?

    @dailypostwales this wasn't Wales, but south Manchester. About 4-5 cm long. Egg sack attached to its front.

    9. Mental note: never go to Derbyshire.

    @wildlife_uk can anybody tell me what kind of spider this is? #spider #uk #derbyshire

    10. How much longer will our mere glasses and cups be able to contain these beasts?


    11. I bloody wish this was the biggest, mate.

    I have just captured the biggest spider in Britain... 😐

    12. Never. Using. That. Shower. Again.

    Found this spider lurking next to my shower today (UK). Should I be worried or not. Doesn't red mean danger...

    13. GAH.

    Hubby just caught the biggest spider ever #toofearttosleep

    14. Has David Cameron chaired a special Cobra meeting about this yet?

    Always check your luggage: Exotic spider makes its way to UK by sneaking into container

    15. Not even sniggering at that headline can allay the fear.

    "@UKolizer: Deadly spider found in bananas whose venom can give a man a four-hour erection #Britain "

    16. Gareth, pet, "mean" is an understatement.

    Umm is this spider normal for Britain? Looks pretty mean!

    So what do you do if come across one of these web slingers?

    I forget how much I absolutely detest spiders until one runs across the living rooms floor OMG IT'S MASSIVE AND IT WANTS TO KILL ME

    Sorry, but you'll have no option but to move. It's the only logical choice.

    I liked this flat, shame I now have to move out of it

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