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Britain's Fattest Orangutan Oshine Loses 20kg After Ditching the Sweets

Oshine shot to fame as Britain's fattest orangutan, but now she is king of the slimmers after ditching her diet of sweets, jelly and marshmallows. The chubby primate originally weighed in at 100kg (15st), with her lifestyle as a pet for 13 years in South Africa thought to be the reason for her obesity. After arriving at Monkey World in Dorset last year Oshine found herself on a strict diet, cutting out unhealthy snacks in favour of a more healthy diet of fruit, vegetables and exercise. Oshine has now lost a fifth of her body weight and now has even adopted an orphaned baby orangutan named Silvestre. ‘With Monkey World's help, Oshine has turned her life around,’ said director Alison Cronin. ‘When she arrived at the rescue centre she was morbidly obese and ran the risk of developing heart disease, blood clots, high blood pressure, and diabetes. ‘We have been quite strict with her diet and have removed all sweets and processed foods that she used to get in addition to her normal diet and it has worked.’ But while her slimming feat is impressive, Oshine’s slimming battle isn’t over yet. ‘Oshine still has a long way to go and needs to lose another 20kg to 30kg before we will be happy with her fitness and health,’ Cronin added. Once Oshine reaches her target weight there’s a treat in store – she will be introduced to one of the adult groups of orangutans in the hope she will meet a suitable male and have a baby of her own. REGISTER and Comment on More Articles Here

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