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    • debrawukawitzg

      I have done one thing consistently in my life…I have weighed the same for over 30 years. I have dieted, exercised, walked, no results. I have done the opposite—ate what I wanted/craved, laid around and slept when I got the chance, no change. Watching those I love work so hard to keep up an outside image (or struggle with health-related issues) and then watching them die too young in the past several months…it makes me realize that while I still would love a tummy-tuck to get rid of my baby-belly that is still there after 30 years of motherhood, and delivery of 5 kids, two in excess of 10 pounds, that I may always be this way, and need to accept it. One thing I can tell you—most of my kids hug me and tell me they love that I am their soft spot. Their “soft and squishy” Mommy. I look at myself in the mirror now and realize that I am getting older and naturally shrinking. Do I need to continue to fight for my physical health? Yes. Will I stress myself out and have a heart attack or develop an autoimmune disease to accomplish the “goal” of the “acceptable” body type? No. My hubby asks me to marry him each and every day, and has for the past 15 years. He tells me he liked me so much, he bought the company. So to all of the beautiful women pictured in this article, my blouse is off to you! Rock on, Mamas.

    • debrawukawitzg

      Kim, I was walking about 50 yards away to go to work at Mr. G’s in the Union (remember that?) when the accident happened with the three young men building the homecoming float. Cannot even tell you how bad the air smelled right afterwards. I came into the U and went into the hotel to see if someone had reported something on the news already. It was horrible. Besides that, I have way too many happy memories. Loved Playhouse Bar and Grill and Bill’s Italian, not to mention happy hour at Ancestors on Main Street.

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