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    18 Things You Can Try If, Like Me, You're Tired Of Doomscrolling Through Social Media

    Every time you doomscroll, an angel in heaven loses its wings. Sorry, I don't make the rules.

    In case you weren't aware, doomscrolling, also known as doomsurfing, is all about spending an inordinate amount of screen time consuming negative news, especially on social media channels. It comes as no surprise that this increased consumption can have a horrible impact on your mental health.

    So what do we do to counter this erosion? Here are some tips and tricks I've personally found useful!

    1. Writing: Daily affirmation (Sylvia Plath style): “Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences.”

    @inkygirl on GIPHY / Via

    Feminine urge this, masculine urge that — how about we embrace the human urge to tell stories of the self over stalking our least favourite cousin’s boyfriend’s best friend’s aunt on Instagram? Join a writers workshop. Dust off your old typewriter and feel like a mysterious main character from an underrated Indie movie. The possibilities are endless.

    2. Gardening: Biblical first humans or not, everyone deserves a personalised Garden of Eden.

    @playmobil on GIPHY / Via

    Why let paradise get lost when you can build one with your own two hands right on your balcony or terrace? It’s you, the friendly-neighbourhood plant seller, and your grandmother’s gardening tools kit against the world. Bonus: The sun is also on your side!

    3. How about posing? But for Yoga and not the Gram.

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    You look so good it hurts sometimes. Especially with the sweaty serotonin flush on your face after attempting and then perfecting a headstand. Never forget that "your body is a wonderland".  

    4. You could maybe put the “I” in knitting because winter is coming.

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    Knitting your brows in frustration at your coworker’s Facebook timeline and questionable fashion choices — Costs you your time at best and sanity at worst.

    Knitting a scarf  (or sweater if you’re feeling extra ambitious) — Therapeutic and a constructive use of time and fingers.

    5. I’m once again asking you to not ignore your Goodreads reading challenge, like you ignore red flags.

    @the-x-files on GIPHY / Via

    Not to speak in favour of self-diagnosis, but who knows you might just discover that your passion for books runs as deep as Matilda’s.  

    6. Who called it scrapbooking and not "The Persistence Of Memory"?

    @TallBoyz on GIPHY / Via

    Whether you wish to remember the moments you lived, loved, and lost, or make a Burn Book in honour of your judgemental side of the family, here is some inspiration.  

    7. You just tested positive for being one of the kindest people on earth!

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    All things might not always look bright and beautiful, so it’d be great if we try to be wise and wonderful towards others by volunteering our time to good causes.

    8. You’re pretty and animals are cute and together you’d be pretty cute.

    @nickelodeon on GIPHY / Via

    If you’re sad about nobody giving you butterflies these days, step out of your building and say hi to your neighborhood feline and canine squad.

    9. A list of musical instruments you can learn to play instead of doomsurfing:

    @nickrewind on GIPHY / Via

    a. Any instrument that piques your interest.

    b. Don’t worry if you fail to master it on day 1... or day 883.

    c. As long as you’re having fun.

    d. Congratulations, you aced the difficult feat of keeping yourself entertained without social media!  

    10. It's bake o'clock, cookie!

    @The_Animal_Crackers_Movie on GIPHY / Via

    Let's manifest the smell of freshly baked goodies you SO enjoyed as a child. This time you are the artist and here are some easy-peasy ways of making the art everyone appreciates, aka cookies.

    11. Dance like nobody's watching! EVERYBODY, LET’S NACHO!

    @neurads on GIPHY / Via

    Taylor Swift said, “Everything will be alright if/ We just keep dancing like we're 22” and everything she says automatically becomes a universal truth.   

    12. Candles! Make the lights, that will guide you home, yourself!

    @radicalface on GIPHY / Via

    Watch a tutorial or two on candle making, go shopping for individual ingredients or order a candle making kit online, and sing "Lost In Your Light" extra loud in a Dua Lipa voice to make your DIY candles glow brighter.

    13. It’s always a beautiful day to make art out of ourselves.

    @littlemix on GIPHY / Via

    It's time to learn how to do a winged eyeliner. Let your eyelid be your canvas. Why not become an expert instead of always just winging it? Amirite? 

    14. Cinephiles of the world assemble! Let’s make movie clubs great again.

    @abcnetwork on GIPHY / Via

    A coven, but virtual, and instead of "eye of newt and toe of frog" we obsess over and discuss our favourite movies. All in favour say aye!

    15. “I think, therefore I am”— cool as an IG bio, but cooler when adopted as a way of living.

    @jaysprogell on GIPHY / Via

    Friendship over with mindless Twitter scrolling. Mind games, and by that I strictly mean Scrabble, Sudoku, and Crosswords, are my new best friends now.   

    16. Repeat after me: We’ll deep-breathe our way out of things we have no control over.

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    When the vacation stories of your mutuals become the iceberg to your Titanic, switch off your phone, sit crisscross applesauce, and meditate. Here is a mediation guide for beginners to help you tap into the world of boundless benefits!

    17. Darling, you’ve always been a magician, with or without the magic tricks!

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    Let's start prepping for your next big party! Learn how to charm the pants off everyone by picking up a coin or a card trick. And if someone tries to rain on your parade, remind them that "those who don’t believe in magic will never find it".  

    18. And finally — Sleep! Let "golden slumbers fill your eyes", as The Beatles intended.

    @bluesbear on GIPHY / Via

    Instead of drifting towards a reliquary of memories that are no longer parts of our lives, aka our ex-best friends’ Facebook albums, why don’t we try drifting off to sleep instead?