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    18 Things You Can Try If, Like Me, You're Tired Of Doomscrolling Through Social Media

    Every time you doomscroll, an angel in heaven loses its wings. Sorry, I don't make the rules.

    In case you weren't aware, doomscrolling, also known as doomsurfing, is all about spending an inordinate amount of screen time consuming negative news, especially on social media channels. It comes as no surprise that this increased consumption can have a horrible impact on your mental health.

    So what do we do to counter this erosion? Here are some tips and tricks I've personally found useful!

    1. Writing: Daily affirmation (Sylvia Plath style): “Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences.”

    2. Gardening: Biblical first humans or not, everyone deserves a personalised Garden of Eden.

    3. How about posing? But for Yoga and not the Gram.

    4. You could maybe put the “I” in knitting because winter is coming.

    5. I’m once again asking you to not ignore your Goodreads reading challenge, like you ignore red flags.

    6. Who called it scrapbooking and not "The Persistence Of Memory"?

    7. You just tested positive for being one of the kindest people on earth!

    8. You’re pretty and animals are cute and together you’d be pretty cute.

    9. A list of musical instruments you can learn to play instead of doomsurfing:

    10. It's bake o'clock, cookie!

    11. Dance like nobody's watching! EVERYBODY, LET’S NACHO!

    12. Candles! Make the lights, that will guide you home, yourself!

    13. It’s always a beautiful day to make art out of ourselves.

    14. Cinephiles of the world assemble! Let’s make movie clubs great again.

    15. “I think, therefore I am”— cool as an IG bio, but cooler when adopted as a way of living.

    16. Repeat after me: We’ll deep-breathe our way out of things we have no control over.

    17. Darling, you’ve always been a magician, with or without the magic tricks!

    18. And finally — Sleep! Let "golden slumbers fill your eyes", as The Beatles intended.