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  • Blond Paul Rudd in Gen-Y Cops

    I though this was a hoax, but IMDB proved me wrong. Here’s Paul Rudd in the straight-outta-Hong Kong, would-be MST3K flick, Gen-Y Cops. He plays Special Agent Ian Curtis. (Though “Special Agent Elliott Smith” would have been more Gen-Y of them… ) Watch Video ›

  • Life Is Short. Have an Affair.

    Ashley Madison, the website that connects would-be adulterers, is running ads on local TV stations in Massachusetts and Florida targeting “male sports fans.” The site boasts 3 million users and their jaunty slogan is “Life is short. Have an affair.” Wow! 3 million undersexed and deceitful sports fans in one place! Where do I sign up? Watch Video ›

  • 2025 — Things Fall Apart

    The National Intelligence Council (NIC) predicts the end of US dominance by the year 2025 in “Global Trends 2025: A World Transformed.” Out: economic liberalism, democracy and secularism. In: conflicts, natural disasters and nuclear arms proliferation. The bleak report includes a “presidential diary entry” from October 1, 2020 that narrates a powerful hurricane devastating New York City.

  • The Electric Slide: Longevity Secret?

    Most stories about the 106 year-old Obama supporter’s longevity cite that Ann Nixon Cooper did “The Electric Slide” every day until she was 103. That’s great news for wedding bands everywhere!

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