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A Baby Koala Did A Photoshoot And The Footage From Behind-The-Scenes Is Too Cute To Handle

We have reached peak cuteness tbh.

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Dear world. If you're unfamiliar with Symbio Wildlife Park's resident koala Imogen, then stop what you're doing and take note.

Kylie Elliot / Via

She recently made headlines when she had zero chill and demanded a hug from a cameraman.

Symbio Wildlife park / Via

Real talk: who wouldn't love a hug from a koala?

Well now, as Imogen approaches her first birthday, a behind the scenes video from her first photoshoot has been released and it's as cute as hell.

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The video was shot when Imogen was just 10 months old, but seriously, enough stats. Let's just look for a moment.

Have you EVER seen anything more adorable than this? Doubt it! 🐨

We. Can't. Deal. 😍

Here's a couple of shots from the actual photo shoot. Imogen working it, like a goddamn boss.

Mick Maric / Via

Imogen will celebrate her first birthday on November 14. ❤️

Mick Maric / Via

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