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    18 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Job And Come To Australia

    A trip Down Under will be the best trip of your life. Apply here!

    1. Cable Beach, WA

    1ping / Getty Images

    Picture this: A 22-kilometre stretch of pure white sand meeting the beautiful turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Heaven! Explore this part of Broome the only way you should, with an iconic camel ride at sunset.

    2. Wineglass Bay, Tas

    Shane_pedersen / Getty Images

    With its perfectly curved beach set against pink and grey granite peaks, it is no wonder Wineglass Bay has been named one of the top ten beaches in the world. Take time to trek to the lookout and see the bay from the top, in all her glory.

    3. Cape Hillsborough, Qld

    Janis Apels / Getty Images

    Located 50 kilometres north of Mackay, Cape Hillsborough is surrounded by national park and is brimming with wildlife. The best part? Taking a stroll along the beach at breakfast and meeting some of the friendly kangaroos enjoying the morning sun.

    4. Lord Howe Island, NSW

    Photosbyash / Getty Images

    Most of Lord Howe Island is virtually untouched, and many of the plants and animals are found nowhere else in the world. With only 400 visitors allowed at any time, and home to just 300 permanent residents, you're going to feel like you're alone in paradise.

    5. Barron Falls, Qld

    Brad Newton/Skyrail Rainforest Cableway / Via

    While the falls are impressive year-round, the best time to view them is in the wet season (December - March), where thousands upon thousands of litres of water cascade down the 125-metre drop.

    6. Bungle Bungles, WA

    James D. Morgan / Getty Images

    Occupying an area of 450 square kilometres, these beehive-shaped rock formations have been an important spiritual place to the Aboriginal people for 40,000 years. The Bungle Bungles have only really become a tourist destination since the early '80s.

    7. Lake Hillier, WA

    Auscape / Getty Images

    Yes, that is a pink lake! Lake Hillier is located on Middle Island off the south coast of Western Australia. The pink colour still has some scientists baffled, but it's believed to be caused by a form of algae. Either way the best way to see it is by a tour from the air. Imagine those Instagrams!

    8. Uluru, NT

    Mark Kolbe / Getty Images

    Welcome to the heart of Australia. The massive sandstone monolith in the middle of the Northern Territory’s "Red Centre", is a very sacred site to the Aboriginal people and one of Australia's most recognisable natural landmarks. View it at dawn or sunset to see it change colour and glow a fiery red.

    9. Kata Tjuta, NT

    Torsten Blackwood / AFP / Getty Images

    Just 30 kilometres from Uluru you'll find Kata Tjuta or The Olgas – a group of 36 large, ancient rock formations, spread over an area of more than 20 kilometres. To really appreciate the beauty and scale of this place take a helicopter flight over and see what 500 million years of history looks like.

    10. Twelve Apostles, Vic

    Drrave / Getty Images

    These magnificent rock stacks have been carved out by constant erosion of the mainland beginning 10-20 million years ago! They are a must stop and see as you journey along the famous Great Ocean Road.

    11. Flinders Ranges, SA

    Johncarnemolla / Getty Images

    Welcome to the largest mountain range in South Australia. The Ranges date back 600 million years and are rich in Aboriginal history. They're also home to an abundance of wildlife including red kangaroos, yellow-footed rock-wallabies, emus, goannas, and galahs. If you get the chance, visit Wilpena Pound (pictured) - a large, natural amphitheatre in the middle of the ranges.

    12. Cradle Mountain, Tas

    Shane_pedersen / Getty Images

    One of the most iconic natural sites in Tasmania, Cradle Mountain soars 1,545 metres above sea level. Walk around the pristine waters of Dove Lake and take in the beauty of the mountain's jagged peaks from below. Do it in winter, and you may even see the mountain topped with snow.

    13. Whitehaven Beach, Qld

    Johncarnemolla / Getty Images

    You want a beach? Here's a beach. The pearly-white sands of Whitehaven stretch for seven kilometres and are made up of 98% silica. That means it doesn't retain heat, so even on the hottest day you can comfortably take a stroll from one end of the beach to the other, admiring the turquoise waters of the Coral Sea.

    14. Blue Mountains, NSW

    Shane_pedersen / Getty Images

    Fifty kilometres west of Sydney you'll find the dramatic scenery of the Blue Mountains. The name comes from the blue haze the mountains give off from a distance, but up close you can experience their steep cliffs and majestic waterfalls.

    15. Rottnest Island, WA

    James Gourley / James Gourley/REX/Shutterstock

    The protected nature reserve of Rottnest Island is just a short ferry ride from Perth. While the island has beautiful sand beaches and clear, calm waters, it’s its famous resident that really attracts visitors. Home to the quokka, you'll want to grab a snap with literally the happiest animal on the planet.

    16. Namadgi National Park, ACT

    Auscape / Auscape/UIG/REX/Shutterstock

    The Namadgi National park covers approximately 106,095 hectares, which is about 46% of the Australian Capital Territory. Aboriginal presence in the area has been dated back at least 21,000 years, which you can see first-hand through Aboriginal rock art. If you're into hiking, fishing, or camping, then Namadgi National Park is not to be missed.

    17. Jenolan Caves, NSW

    Chameleons Eye / Chameleons Eye/REX/Shutterstock

    These caves are a spectacular natural wonder and are also the oldest in the world, clocking in at 340 million years. Explore the beautiful limestone formations through guided tours of ten show caves, each with subtle lighting to highlight the cave's amazing features.

    18. Kangaroo Island, SA

    Ymgerman / Getty Images

    Kangaroo Island is an absolute haven for wildlife. It's home to rare birds, echidnas, koalas, sea lions and yes, of course kangaroos! Australia's third-largest island also offers spectacular natural scenery including beautiful beaches, rolling hills, and rugged bushland. Hard to believe all this is just a 30-minute flight from Adelaide!

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