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23 Ad Jingles That Every Aussie Knows Off By Heart

A few of these should be our anthems tbh.

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1. Decore


2. Reading Writing Hotline

"One three double OH, six triple five ooooooooooooh six."

3. Bananas

"Banananana nananana Bananananana make those bodies sing."

4. Vegemite

"It puts a roooooooooooose in everyyyyyyy cheek."

5. Lube Mobile

"That's Firteen Firty Firty-Tew."

6. Spray n' Wipe

"So thank you, Ajax Spray n' Wipe."


"Luckyyyyyyyyyyy you're with AAMI."

8. Ice Magic

"Oops I think you just ate mum."

9. Chicken Tonight

"I feel like Chicken Tonight.... like Chicken Tonight!"

10. Birds Eye Fish Fingers

"I'll sing you a song, a song of the sea... Birds Eye Fish Fingeeeers!"

11. Cottee's Cordial

"My dad picks the fruits that goes to Cottee's... to make the cordial, that I like best."

12. Aeroplane Jelly

"I like Aeroplane Jellyyyy, Aeroplane Jelly for meeeee."

13. Weet-Bix

"Aussie kids... are Weet-Bix kids."

14. Caramello Koala

"They call me Caramelllllloooooooo Koala."

15. Meadow Lea

"And I'm a say your scones are... absolutely bonza. You oughta be congratulated."

16. Cadbury

"Wouldn't it be nice if the world was Cadbury."

17. Pizza Hut

"Four eight one double one double one... Pizza Hut del-iv-er-y."

*Or in some parts of Australia you sang: "One three double one double six."

18. Qantas

"I still call Australia hoooooooooooooooome."

19. Mortein

"Say bye bye to Louie the fly."

20. St George Bank

"Australia's full of great ideas, what a great idea St George!"

21. Roses Chocolates

"Thank you very very very very very very very very very very very very much."

22. Cricket

"Cooooooome on Aussie come on come on, cooooooooome on Aussie come on."

23. Carpet Call

"Call call carpet call... (deep voice) the experts in the trade."