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    An Open Letter To All The Businesses That Don’t Accept Credit Cards

    "Cash only" is a joke, right?

    Dear businesses that don't take card... we need to talk.

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    In case you haven't noticed, it's 2015. In fact, we're now closer to 2016!


    We live in an age where we can order our coffee off an app or message our mates from our watches!

    So it's time to get your shit together when it comes to people paying for your goods and services with card.


    First, "cash only" is NOT. A. THING.


    Trust us when we tell you, the majority of us would rather walk around with a thin piece of plastic in our wallets than large notes and mountains of silver coins. So let us pay by card FFS.

    Second, don't put a minimum on purchases with cards.

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    How dare you make us buy more for the privilege of paying with card. It's highway robbery tbh.

    Third, surcharges are a joke!


    You're not the banks... don't act like them. We already pay credit card and bank fees, so please don't charge us a fee based on the type of card we're using or the day of the week?! Sorry I wanted a coffee on a Sunday.

    Finally, learn to split a bill.


    Do you understand the pain and frustration this causes? How hard is it to treat one transaction as a bunch of smaller transactions?!?! Plus, if you are charging bullshit fees, aren't you getting more bang for your buck anyway?

    It's not that we hate you, we love you and want to be friends. But enough with the bullshit. This aint the '90s anymore. Be cool and catch up to the rest of us.

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