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If You Get 22/26 In This A-Z Quiz You Are A True "Seinfeld" Fan

Are you "master of your domain"?

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Before you start, a reminder: the answers begin with the letter of the question, except for X and Z.

  1. A: In the episode "The Glasses" what falls out of Jerry's window and onto a dog on the street?

  2. B: What dessert is Elaine determined to bring to a friend's place in the episode "The Dinner Party"?

  3. C: What's the name of Frank Costanza’s long lost Italian cousin?

  4. D: Jerry dates a woman but can't remember her name, even though she hints that it rhymes with a part of the female anatomy. What's her name?

  5. E: What film does Mr Peterman drag Elaine to, not knowing that she hates it?

  6. F: George is obsessed with preserving his high score in what arcade game?

  7. G: What was the name of the character portrayed by guest star Jon Lovitz?

  8. H: Where were Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer the weekend of George's "shrinkage" debacle?

  9. I: Where did Sue Ellen Mischke's wedding take place?

  10. J: What candy does Jerry refuse from Kramer when they're watching the live surgery?

  11. K: What is the name of George's boss in the ninth season? (George had him airbrushed out of a family photo).

  12. L: What does Tim Whatley "re-gift" to Jerry?

  13. M: Which actor does George go on a date with while engaged to Susan?

  14. N: What is the name of Jerry's arch-nemesis?

  15. O: What do George and Jerry present as a gift to the Japanese TV executives in an effort to get their TV show Jerry on Japanese television?

  16. P: What item of clothing does Jerry inadvertently agree to wear on national television?

  17. Q: What does Elaine call herself when her, George, and Jerry are discussing how they're going in "The Contest"?

  18. R: What does Jerry mug the old lady for?

  19. S: What does George want his kid to be named?

  20. T: Where does Jerry want to know if there are houses for rent in the episode "The Maestro"?

  21. U: Jerry dates a girl called Gennice who is part of Rochelle, Rochelle the musical. What is her job on the production?

  22. V: What is the name of the fictional New York street gang that Kramer accidentally flashes their gang sign to?

  23. W: Actor Courtney Cox pretends to be Jerry's what in an episode in Season five?

  24. X: In the episode "The Mango", what does Jerry call up all his ex-girlfriends asking if they had?

    (Look, the X is in the question in this one: ex-girlfriends. The answer does not begin with X.)

  25. Y: What phrase in Seinfeld helps keep conversations succinct?

  26. Z: What animal does Kramer have an altercation with at the zoo in the episode "The Face Painter"?

    (And again, the Z in this is for zoo. The answer does not begin with Z.)

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