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    Watch As This TV Reporter Is Blown Away By Strong Winds During His Report

    Mother nature ftw.

    9 News journalist Peter Stefanovic battled the elements this morning as he tried to record a piece to camera from Sydney's Bondi Beach.

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    Stefanovic was reporting on the wild weather lashing parts of NSW for the Today Show, but had trouble facing the camera and getting his words out, as strong winds pummelled the coast.

    9 News


    9 News

    Hmmmm needs more sand. Take 2.

    9 News

    Winds of up to 135km/h have been recorded along the coast, turning some areas into desert landscapes.

    Skatepark @ Bondi covered in sand after #SydneyStorm

    Sydney and the Hunter regions have also been drenched, with 100mm of rain recorded since 9am Monday. Conditions are expected to ease later today as an intense low pressure system is forecast to move southwards.

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