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    21 Times Tumblr Taught The World How To Speak Australian

    You have achieved the highest form of compliment in Australia if someone calls you a "sick c*nt".

    1. This breakdown of a conversation.

    2. This simple oversight.

    3. This rather cheeky phrase.

    4. This explanation.

    5. This revelation.

    6. This classic conversation.

    7. This "lost in translation" moment.

    8. This simple answer.

    9. This 'strayan sentence.

    10. This lazy list.

    11. This easy explainer.

    12. This truth bomb.

    13. This fact.

    14. This handy tip.

    15. This ancient Aussie proverb.

    16. This tasty translation.

    17. This confusing convo.

    18. This honour.

    19. This notable phrase.

    20. This fave Aussie saying.

    21. And this embarrassing explanation.

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