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    This Is The Moment A Couple Witnessed A Python Eat An Entire Bat

    Because this is Australia and this is what happens.

    A couple from Sunrise Beach in Queensland have witnessed the moment a massive carpet python devoured an entire bat, in their own backyard.

    According to The Sunshine Coast Daily Mille Stoevring and her partner Shane Tuer found the three metre long python halfway through its meal. "We were there filming about 20 centimetres away, the snake wasn't fazed at all," Miss Stoevring said.

    "This bat was massive, so the snake was almost trying to hook its jaw to try and fit it in", she told The Sunshine Coast Daily. "We stood there for half an hour watching this snake slowly trying to navigate its jaw around the critter."

    The couple's house has a bush outlook, so after finishing its meal the snake laid vertical for a while to digest, before slithering off into the scrub.

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Mille and Shane for comment. In the meantime you can watch this video of their encounter.

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