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    This Father Spent $100,000 Recreating "Jurassic Park" Totally Out Of Lego

    An adventure 65 million years and whole lotta Lego blocks in the making.

    A father and his 8 year-old daughter have used $100,000 worth of Lego to recreate the story of Jurassic Park in just under three minutes.

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    The clip begins with the classic poster from the 1993 film, which has been given the Lego touch...

    Dean Nye / Via

    ...before we're introduced to some of our favourite characters.

    Dean Nye / Via

    Paul and his daughter Hailee have also nailed it when paying homage to some of the movie's most iconic scenes.

    Dean Nye / Via

    The pair began the project during their Christmas vacation last year with Paul wanting to prove to Hailee that they could do "anything" with Lego.

    Dean Nye / Via

    They also had a lot of help from their friends in bringing their Lego project to life, which you can see here in a behind the scenes video.

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