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19 Stages A Guy Must Face Getting His Haircut

Simple to do, hard to get around to.

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1. You start noticing your hair is a little long AND a little more messy in the mornings.


You know when it's ~just~ not looking right.

2. You try styling it with wax, gels and hairspray... but NOTHING works.


We're men FFS. We shouldn't be spending this long on our hair!

3. So you resort to wearing hats. / Via

And they just don't look quite right.

4. But then your friends start questioning WHY you're wearings hats because you NEVER do.

NBC Studios

Ummmm... sun protection.... indoors?

5. Ok, it's time to bite the bullet. Get a haircut you hippy! / Via

*Sigh*, alright I'll spend the $30 bucks on a haircut.

6. Your schedule is nuts, so you plan to get your haircut first thing Saturday morning. Bring on the weekend!

Golden Harvest Company

You've got this all worked out.

7. Plus you've got plans that night, so you wanna look fresh.



8. Saturday arrives. You get up super early to get to the hairdresser before the rest of the world hits the shopping mall.

Columbia Pictures

Now you're asking yourself "why"? All I want to do is sleep in.

9. You don't bother washing or combing your hair. It's a mess, but fuck it... you're getting a haircut, so what's the point?


Up. Dressed. Gone.

10. You arrive at the hairdresser, but there is already a line. FML!

Overbrook Entertainment

Who are these people and why are they in my way?

11. So you're made to wait, flicking through magazines you NEVER read and ones that are over 6 months old.


You're right next door to a newsagency, buy new magazines FFS!

12. Finally, a thousand kids and their mums later, you're up!

Castle Rock Entertainment

It's so painful having to listen to a child scream through their first haircut.

13. You're asked "what will it be"? There's no fooling around, it's the same, EVERY. DAMN. TIME.

New Line Cinema

Short back and sides?

14. Your hairdresser wants to talk, but you'd rather just spend the time flicking through Facebook on your phone. Damn cape!

Universal Pictures

Why don't those capes have a little plastic window so we can be more anti-social?

15. Less than 15 minutes and you're done. Looking good too.


In and out - no messing about!

16. You leave, with the utmost confidence. A new you... a new do.

YG Entertainment / Via

You are untouchable!

17. You feel as though you can take on the world!

Warner Bros

Let's get the party started.

18. Family and friends comment on your haircut for the next 48 hours.

New Line Cinema

"Did you get a haircut?"

"Did you get a haircut?"

"Did you get a haircut?"

"Did you get a haircut?"

19. But the honeymoon period doesn't last long. After a week, it's like you never even got a haircut.

Polygram Filmed Entertainment

Back to square one.