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    5 Aug 2015

    29 Things That You Totally Understand If You Grew Up In Sydney

    Just bring back Wonderland already!

    1. This used to be the best place on earth.

    Going to actual Wonderland every holidays #GrowingUpSydney

    2. This epic fail.

    Receiving this bad boy bet never getting the chance to use it #GrowingUpSydney

    3. When traffic was even slower on the Harbour Bridge.

    Paying your bridge toll to a real person #growingupsydney

    4. Using the city's landmarks to know where you are.

    Seeing these every time you went to the eastern suburbs #GrowingUpSydney

    5. The adventure that is the ferry to Manly.

    Wagging school on stormy days to ride the ferries before they got cancelled due to big swell. #growingupsydney

    6. When Tangaras were ~cool~.

    The orange plastic seat-booths at Central station while waiting to catch a Tangara because they were shiny and new #GrowingUpSydney

    7. The time before the Bears became extinct.

    Watching the North Sydney Bears at North Sydney Oval #growingupsydney

    8. This (short-lived) slice of kid's heaven.

    SEGA WORLD for your birthday party every year. #GrowingUpSydney

    9. Getting a first-hand history lesson.

    School excursions here: #GrowingUpSydney

    10. Or being forced to ~learn~ more about our great nation.

    Year 7 trip to Canberra to learn about the Government #GrowingUpSydney #Questacon

    11. Taking risks.

    You knew you had to buy a train ticket when headed for the city, but took a punt if just going a few stops in the burbs #GrowingUpSydney

    12. Hot days were spent playing here.

    13. This welcome relief.

    Lying in bed at night with the windows wide open waiting for the southerly buster #GrowingUpSydney

    14. Getting the lingo right.

    westies not bogans #GrowingUpSydney

    15. Knowing when summer had arrived.

    storms on a summer evening #GrowingUpSydney

    16. The sweet sound of "Greensleaves".

    #GrowingUpSydney Never missed the #IceCream van.

    17. This institution.

    Late night munchies at Harry's cafe de wheels #growingupSydney

    18. Summer days spent here.

    Watching the cricket from the hill at the SCG. #growingupsydney

    19. When you knew you were in the centre of the city.

    #GrowingUpSydney you call it Centrepoint Tower. Not Sydney Tower. Not AMP Tower. Not Westfield Tower. It's Centrepoint Tower. Always.

    20. The real reason you loved Sydney 2000.

    Getting school holidays specifically when the Olympics happened #GrowingUpSydney

    21. What monorail?

    Cueing up for hours to go on the monorail for the first time then never using it again. #GrowingUpSydney

    22. Knowing where you are.

    Miranda Fair, not Westfield Miranda. #GrowingUpSydney

    23. Drinking to the wee hours of the morning.

    24. The most exciting words eva.

    “And the winner is Sii-daaa-neee..” #GrowingUpSydney

    25. These fuckers.

    26. The struggles of the '90s.

    Not being able to drink tap water for most of 1994 because of cryptosporidium. #GrowingUpSydney

    27. The tough rules.

    When all the good bands played shows at the Hordern Pavillion and you were never allowed to go. #GrowingUpSydney

    28. The battle to get your spot.

    You only ever went to Bondi, Manly or Coogee Beach in the middle of summer once. Never again. #GrowingUpSydney

    29. And this once being the coolest way to ride the harbour.

    Catching the Hydrofoil to Manly... Yes HYDROFOIL - #GrowingUpSydney

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