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"Fast To The Future" Is The Movie We've All Been Waiting For

Would Biff beat up Vin Diesel?

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The creative geniuses at IGN have mashed up Back To The Future and Fast And The Furious to bring us one epic trailer.

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First, we see the Delorean's famous "OUTATIME" number plate behind a couple of fire trails...

"What if you could go back... change things... right the wrongs"?

... before the infamous time machine appears in the middle of Tokyo, complete with Vin Diesel at the wheel.

If Vin Diesel is Marty, then who would play The Doc?

We're not sure where or when Vin Diesel came from, but he looks pretty stoked.

We get it. The reboot trailer was uploaded April 1. But we can still dream, cause we'd totally watch this.