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This Swearing Bird Is Everything You Would Want In A Pet

Eric is a "fucking legend".

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A video showing an Australian Corella called Eric having a war of words with a pet dog has gone viral.

Facebook: video.php

It has been viewed almost half-a-million times and has even made it to the top page of Reddit. In it, Eric can clearly be heard dropping the "c-bomb."


Eric has become so popular, that his owner Sharon Curle decided to make a Facebook page dedicated to him. It now has almost 10,000 members, where people can watch a number of videos of Eric and his foul mouth.

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Eric's owner, Sharon, said that Eric picked up the swearing from her husband who is an avid Carlton supporter. Since the Blues aren't performing too well this season, there has been a lot of swearing at the TV.

Facebook: video.php

However, Sharon says that the times where Eric refers to himself as a "fucking legend", has come from her son, who is a North Melbourne supporter.


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