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    Posted on 9 Jul 2015

    Most Of Australia Is Going To Get Bloody Cold This Weekend

    Brace yourselves, the most powerful front in a few years is coming.

    Get out those extra pair of socks and your dorky scarf-and-beanie combos, because two thirds of Australia is expected to freeze this weekend with the strongest cold front of the season on its way.

    Dan Peled / AAP

    WeatherZone told BuzzFeed News that the cold front coming up from the Southern Ocean is bringing with it a mass of cold, polar air that will hit Adelaide on Saturday morning before moving into southern Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania on Sunday.

    The front will also be felt across southern parts of the Northern Territory with Alice Springs preparing itself for its coldest four-day spell in three years.

    You can also expect widespread showers from southern QLD to northern SA, with the heaviest falls in southeastern NSW and eastern Victoria. 50mm of rain is possible across those regions, while Sydney can expect just 10-20mm of rain.

    Mike Gee / NEWZULU

    The precipitation is great news for the country's ski resorts, with 35cm of snow expected across the NSW and Victorian alps, falling as low as 600 metres.

    The Blue Mountains west of Sydney could also see 1-2cm of snow this weekend, while parts of southern Queensland could even see sleet thanks to a seven degree drop in temperatures across Saturday and Sunday.

    Strong offshore winds will be felt across NSW, making it seem three or four degrees cooler in parts of the state. While Sydney will reach a maximum of 15 degrees on Sunday, WeatherZone says it could feel more like 10 degrees with the added wind chill.

    Alan Porritt / AAP

    Sydney can expect an average maximum of 15 degrees over four days, while Canberra's forecast is for an average maximum of about eight degrees.

    Brisbane will reach a maximum of 22 degrees on Saturday before falling to 17 on Sunday and just 15 on Monday. The added wind chill will also make it feel four to five degrees cooler on Sunday.

    WeatherZone say that while it's hard to tell when the cold air will lift, its very likely it will hang around into the middle of next week.

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