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    15 Places With The Most Unfortunate Names On The Planet

    Somewhere to go, when you're feeling low.

    1. Instagram account @sadtopographies has scoured Google Maps to find the most unfortunately-named places on the planet, like this...

    2. One way tickets only to this destination.

    3. Men should probably hike elsewhere tbh.

    4. Fortunately, you've been warned.

    5. AKA cat paradise.

    6. No point visiting.

    7. Chances of death: High.

    8. Where the water is as blue as you.

    9. Perfect for the recently single.

    10. For those not feeling too optimistic.

    11. Not too sure what this place is about.

    12. More like nowhere else you'd rather be... amirite!

    13. Be pensive in paradise!

    14. Took a wrong turn, ended up here.

    15. A personal favourite of Kathy Bates.

    Where will you go on your next holiday?

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