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Australia Only Had One Beach In The World's Top Ten And Here's Why

The beaches are disgusting down under.

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Travel website Trip Advisor released its choices for the world's top ten beaches at it's 2015 Travellers’ Choice Awards.

Anna Mendoza / Via

Look closely... Australia only has ONE beach in the top ten. ONE!

Anna Mendoza / Via

Australia is surrounded by over 10,000 beaches, so shouldn't we smash this list?

Anna Mendoza + Tanya Puntti / Via Getty Images

Apparently not. Maybe the reason is because our beaches really do suck! For example, look at how disgusting Wineglass Bay in Tasmania is.

Tonyfeder / Via Getty Images

And check out how deserted Cottesloe Beach is! No one is there, because it is lame!

Cephas Picture Library / Via Alamy

OMG! They actually do surfing tournaments at Bells Beach. How embarrassing.

Look Die Bildagentur Der Fotogra / Via Alamy

Look at the bland colour of the sand at Noosa. Boring!

Klayemore / Via Getty Images

Turquoise Bay needs to be renamed Terrible Bay. Yuck!

Auscape / Via Getty Images

Don't get us started on how awful sunsets at Cable Beach are. Seriously don't bother!

Carl Koenig / Via Getty Images

So many disappointed people at Bondi Beach. They should have all just stayed indoors.

Idmanjoe / Via Getty Images

FFS! There's too many bloody rocks on Lizard Island!

Hemis / Via Alamy

Just imagine the unsightly views from those unit blocks on Surfers Paradise.

Dennis Cox / Via Alamy

It's actually amazing that Whitehaven Beach made the top ten in the world, because it's so damn ugly.

Tanya Puntti / Via Getty Images