30 Signs You Went To The University Of Western Ontario (UWO)

30 Signs You Went To The University of Western Ontario or Western University, whichever you prefer

2. 1. You’ve been part of this massive Orientation Week crowd and will always remember it

3. Mostly because of this:

youtube.com / Via YouTube

4. And this:

youtube.com / Via YouTube


5. 2. You have some sort of connection to the Saugeen Stripper

You know someone who knows someone who knows someone who was there.

6. 3. Your name is carved somewhere in a table at the Spoke

7. 4. You know one of the Western Mustang cheerleaders

youtube.com / Via YouTube

Canadian Champions for the past 5 years (feel free to brag).

9. Even Rick Mercer came to visit the cheerleaders

youtube.com / Via YouTube

10. 5. You’ve never missed a drunken homecoming ‘cause UWO’s has never been banned

Ahem.. Queen’s.

11. This is totally normal.

12. 6. You’ve searched and can still find no greater food than the CLT


13. 7. Your Wednesday night ritual consists of getting to The Spoke early for Rick McGhie

And you know ALL the words and actions to Sweet Caroline.

14. 8. You hate Queen’s and you don’t know why you but you just do

Enough said.

15. 9. Weldon is simultaneously your best friend and the bane of your existence

But you miss Club Weldon just the same.

16. 10. You’ve waited 25 minutes for a cup of coffee at Tim Hortons just to win another coffee.

17. 11. You deal with this kind of snow at least once a year

18. Oh, About Town..

Just forget about going to class.

19. 12. You still say you go to UWO.

Stop trying to make Western University happen. IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

20. 13. You have seen enough LuLuLemon, UGG and Canada Goose combos to last 12 years


21. 14. This campaign video

youtube.com / Via YouTube

Let’s be honest, you know it by heart. Boom de ad ah, boom de ad ah.

22. 15. If you haven’t been tobogganing down UC hill, then you’ve at least watched Eng do it

Always so much fun.

23. 16. This.

It was a good day if you didn’t step in goose poop.

24. 17. Sledgehammer Bingo

Don’t forget your Ceeps brew.

25. 18. You’ve tried the dreaded walk up Brescia hill in between classes

And gave up.

26. 19. Kings

Does it even exist?

27. 20. Huron

We all know you went there only for parking.

28. 21. You have done something insane for a soph position

29. Like shaved off your eyebrow!

facebook.com / Via Carla Coveart

This is real.

30. 22. You have most definitely sunbathed on concrete beach in March

31. 23. Each year, you participate in the Terry Fox Run and/or Shinerama!

Last year, UWO raised $142,495 for both Shinerama and the Terry Fox Foundation.

32. 24. You’ve waited at least 30 minutes for a treadmill at the campus rec centre.

33. 25. You’ve seen the Engineering pumpkin drop.

34. In case you missed it:

youtube.com / Via YouTube

35. 26. Western Film

We all know you bought a ticket to the movies just so you could have a reason to buy the trough. Apparently it has more popcorn than any human can eat alone.

36. 27. Playboy ranked UWO as the Top Party School in Canada

UWO came in fourth out of ten and was the only Canadian school to make the list in 2011.

37. 28. The Beautiful Campus

It is just stunning.

40. 29. Wessssssstern

You’re friends aren’t privy to our inclusive chant.

41. 30. You Truly Love Western

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