12 Signs Your Job Interview Is A Scam

12 Signs Your Job Interview Is A Scam

I have been job hunting in NYC and some of the things I have come across have been shocking. I refuse to use any company names due to legal purposes, but this is what I have experienced. Since our current economy does not favor young people, we are willing to do whatever it takes to get a job - and unfortunately, we often get taken advantage of. If you find yourself in any similar situation, please remove yourself.

2. 1. The Website

If the website looks like it was made by a 6th grader… Stay away!

4. 2. It Looks Like A Waiting Room

BEWARE. If you see 10-15 seats that are filled… something is up.


Loud music is a huge no-no. Ask yourself: Why would loud music be playing in an office setting? If you find an excuse, ask yourself AGAIN.

I bet you had no reasonable answer.

8. 4. Paperwork

When you go in for your interview, they should already have your resume. So, if you are asked to fill out a piece of paper with your personal information and your experience, be careful.

Christian Bale doesn’t get it either.

10. 5. People Cheering

Am I really supposed to believe that a “leading company” has people cheering every two minutes?

This is NOT the Oscars.

12. 6. YELP

You know those trusty restaurant reviews on Yelp? Don’t forget they do it with businesses too (and most of the people are brutally honest). Yelp and review the company before you go in - if you don’t know who they are. This can save you!

Yelp is always right.

14. 7. Clients

If the company states they work with “a number of fortune 500 companies,” but you cannot find any examples of their work online on their website, you have an issue.

15. You don’t have any examples of your work?


16. 8. The “Preliminary” Interview

Let’s be real; if they call you for an interview and then tell you when you get there that it is only a 3 minute preliminary interview, then we have a problem.

18. 9. The 30+ Applicants

Normally, we all would think it is a great sign to get a call the day of your interview stating you made it to the next round right? WRONG.

You went through 30 applicants in a few hours? HUH? THAT’S A THING?

At this point, you should know it’s a scam.

21. 10. That “Strange Feeling”

Sometimes you get those strange feelings that something is off… STICK WITH IT. Most of the time it is a huge NO-NO.

22. 11. The “Second” Interview

“Hey ____, you made it to the second round of interviews. We want you to come in for a second interview”.

23. WAIT WHAT. You want me to come in for a full 8 hour day so you can “observe me?”


Seriously guys, if a company is asking you to work an 8 hour day without pay for a second interview, just walk away.




Disclaimer: I have actually read many reviews online that individuals have gone on these second interviews where they are told to wear comfortable shoes and are sent on a subway to another city to make cold calls.

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