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Hidden Gems In The City Of Angels!

Whether you're a tourist or a native, go on an adventure to these places! Take in the beauty and wonder of what the city of angels has to offer! Great scenery, food, drinks, artwork, architecture.. the works!

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2. Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Department / Via

What? LA Water and Power department you say? Well yea.. it's actually one great view, especially at night! AND its open to the public! They have a water trench that circles the whole building, which usually attracts joggers. Oh yea... and fountains..

6. Angel wings! / Via

Be an angel for a day. Artist Colette Miller painted multiple angel wings on the walls of Los Angeles. Some locals make it a point to find all the angel wings scattered throughout the city! Can someone say Scavenger hunt?

11. Shutters on the beach / Via

You don’t have to be a guest of this luxurious French-inspired hotel to enjoy a drink at the bar. Located right on the Santa Monica beach, you can’t beat the gorgeous view of the ocean from the outdoor patio.

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