Hidden Gems In The City Of Angels!

Whether you’re a tourist or a native, go on an adventure to these places! Take in the beauty and wonder of what the city of angels has to offer! Great scenery, food, drinks, artwork, architecture.. the works!

1. Vista Hermosa Park

Want a great view of the city skyline? Look no further! This little patch of green is just right outside on the outskirts of downtown! Great for picnics!

2. Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Department

What? LA Water and Power department you say? Well yea.. it’s actually one great view, especially at night! AND its open to the public! They have a water trench that circles the whole building, which usually attracts joggers. Oh yea… and fountains..

3. Grand Park

Come play in the water on a warm sunny day in LA, or come at night and be awed by the wonderful color changing fountain.

4. The Far Bar

On the outside it looks like a dark dingy small alleyway.. but on the inside.. WOW! Great food, great drinks! oh and did i forget to mention happy hour? ;)

5. The Last Bookstore

Travel downtown to visit a wondrous world where books fly and create tunnels. Any book you need, they will have it!

6. Angel wings!

Be an angel for a day. Artist Colette Miller painted multiple angel wings on the walls of Los Angeles. Some locals make it a point to find all the angel wings scattered throughout the city! Can someone say Scavenger hunt?

7. Old Chinatown Central Plaza

Want more great views of the city skyline? Come on over to Chinatowns Old Central plaza where you can get tasty dim sum to go, and a great view of LA’s skyline and backyard!

8. LA rooftop Bar - Perch

Still looking for scenery? Why not grab a drink while you’re at it! Perch is a great place to sit outside on the roof, have a couple drinks with friends and enjoy a nice cool night.

9. LA abandoned zoo

Feel like monkeying around in cages? Then the LA abandoned zoo is just for you! Go on a hike and see how these homes for animals became pieces of art!

10. Eggslut

Are you a slut for eggs? If you are then I only have one word for you. Eggslut! A great place to get your yolk on!

11. Shutters on the beach

You don’t have to be a guest of this luxurious French-inspired hotel to enjoy a drink at the bar. Located right on the Santa Monica beach, you can’t beat the gorgeous view of the ocean from the outdoor patio.

12. Bradbury Building

Did you like the movie 500 days of summer? Well now you can feel like you were apart of the movie by coming to the Bradbury building!

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