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19 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re Dating An Army Officer

Routines, rules, and regulations are in. Freewheeling is out.

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1. All timings are in military mode.

Forget elevenses and tea at 3:30pm. You’re working to a 24-hour clock, with meetings at eleven hundred hours or 1530.

3. Your partner can be ready in minutes, so you need to be able to get ready fast and on the fly.

They’re used to packing up with a moment’s notice.

4. Plans can change unexpectedly.

Holiday plans? Weekend weddings? Surprise break away? Yeah. It sometimes doesn’t work out like that with upcoming postings, changes in exercises, and new deployments.


5. All the Balls, and mess dinners mean you get to dress up all fancy.

Paramount Pictures

It also means you get to reuse that prom dress you bought ten years ago. Although, things tend to get messy, quickly.

7. Your partner can be really open about being in the buff. / Via Instagram: warwick_rowers

Just accept the majority of their same-sex colleagues will have seem them partially clothed.

8. It’s Cam Cream not war or face paint. / Via Instagram: jam_camdaddy

There's a difference.… Apparently.


10. And you may as well give up trying to win against them.

Michelle Rennex / BuzzFeed / Via Instagram:

Being the best at all times has been bored into them. This carries across, whether you’re playing squash or scrabble.

11. The army set-up is complicated and you'll probably never fully understand it all.

Brigades, Battalions, Regiments, Platoons, Squadrons, Corps…


14. Your partner owns a lot of kit… And I mean, a lot.

Forget having a flat with a minimalist feel or owning a car with a tiny boot.


17. Holidays mean no camping in the woods, hiking up epic mountains, or going on survival adventures. / Via Instagram: daisycropper

That’s what they pretty much do everyday.

18. You will probably be expected to achieve. / Via Instagram: elisabethsw

But they will push you and support you every step of the way.