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    16 Reasons Emily James Is Your New Favorite Dancer On SYTYCD Season 11

    This contemporary dancer is no one-trick pony- She's got brains, beauty, talent and is the girl crush you've been waiting for.

    1. At an early age, the dance world couldn't handle her.

    2. Even Beyonce has been working to keep up with her.

    3. Fans of all ages adore her.

    4. She took a year off of dance to finish a business degree but still handled her business.

    5. She reps her Alma Mater no matter.

    6. You get lost in her blue eyes.

    7. No, but really...

    8. Have you seen her feet and beautiful lines???




    Yeah I caught a cramp just looking at her...

    10. Her chemistry with her dance partners is intense.



    I think I need some water or something...

    12. Even Mia Michaels is trying to find a way to get back on the show just to choreograph a routine with her. / Via


    13. Every Wednesday proves to be great.

    #blessed #praisehim

    14. She's also really great friends with our other favorites this season too.


    Via Instagram: @danceemily11

    Yay Valerie and Carly!

    16. And she would fit nicely with this group of past winners!

    17. Tune in to Fox on Wednesdays at 8/7c to watch SYTYCD Season 11 and fall in love with these phenomenal dancers, especially Emily James!

    #sytycd11 #emilyjames

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