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Lady Gaga Surprise-Released A Music Video And Twitter Went Crazy Over It


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It's been a hell of a week for Lady Gaga and her Little Monsters, but she's not done with them just yet

Lady Gaga: *does the Super Bowl* Lady Gaga: *on Drag Race s9* Lady Gaga: *releases a flawless video for John Wayne*…

It wouldn't be a typical Gaga video if there weren't a lot of stuff going on in it. Like, her shooting from her 10-inch heel!

Lady Gaga is shooting from her 10-inch heels in the #JohnWayne music video

Or fighting with her man!

I crave a real wild man, I'm strung out on #JohnWayne

Hell, she even kills her other self!

Lady Gaga - #JohnWayne Watch now:

She literally left them SHOOK!

The #JohnWayne vid is the definition of a full-blown Lady Gaga music video. How am I supposed to recover from such…

Just look at these stills from the video. She did THAT!

Lady Gaga in the #JohnWayne music video, she did THAT.

She literally snatched our weaves and left us bold!

Lady Gaga snatching our wigs like... #JohnWayne

This is basically every Little Monster right now.

Me after watching the #JohnWayne MUSIC VIDEO

Here's a 30 second preview for those who can't fucking wait for VEVO video. Enjoy!

Can you go a little faster?! The world premiere of @LadyGaga’s #JohnWayne is on #AppleMusic. Watch:…

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