14 Signs You’re Addicted To Sweets

Go a day without dessert? No chance in hell. Here’s an easy way to tell if you’re addicted to sugar, that sweet, sweet, nectar of the gods.

1. You have no problem eating that leftover piece—or pieces—of cake for breakfast.

You obviously weren’t invited to the party last night, cause there wouldn’t be any leftovers, amirite?

2. Coffee goes hand in hand with biscotti.

3. Beer is just an excuse to have a scoop of ice cream.

Guinness Float, anyone?

4. At dinner, you make sure you box up half of your meal so you can not be too stuffed to order dessert.

Or, your stomach magically stops being so full it could burst, and gives you just enough room for that piece of cheesecake.

5. The 5-second rule is ignored in times of need.

6. You’re very protective of your sweets.

May God have mercy on whoever thinks about touching your desserts!

7. If you’re forced to have something salty, you need to add something sweet to it.

Even if the end result seems strange.

8. Eating ice cream doesn’t stop once it’s fall.

Peppermint, Pumpkin, and Egg Nog? Yes, please.

9. You’ll drop everything to have some cake.

Via gph.is

10. Dessert bar? Just an excuse to try all the desserts!

11. Two words: yoga pants.

No, I don’t wear these for fashion. I wear them for practicality.

12. You’ve gone to extreme measures to make sure you’re the only one eating your sweets.

13. You have to restrain yourself from eating more than two gummy vitamins.

14. You got up at least once while reading this list to get something sweet.

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