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Super PACs And The Conservative Voter's Voice

Will the conservatives level the playing field using SPAC funding to channel voters voices over Media? Americans for Prosperity is a pre Super PAC conservative organization which can be regarded as the headquarters Conservative Action in America. It is backed (read financed) by the *Koch brothers. (* source Wikipedia)

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Through a chain of "subsidiary" charitable organizations, the brothers funnel money to various persons and organizations like Super PACs that serve to achieve the brothers ultra right wing objectives. For reasons known only to themselves, they were the main force (money & other wise), behind Herman Cain's (Mr. 999) so called bid for the conservative nomination for the Presidency. While Herman clearly had a lot of fun playing his role, one wonders what was the motive of the Brothers to throw Cain into the conservative ring. I speculate that it was a message to some factions in the party.This mention of Americans for Prosperity (although not a Super PAC) is worthy of my attention as there are indications that it will become a source of funds to many SPACs currently established and to be established and as they say - who controls the funds controls the message.As of today's date (25th April) the Obama Libs have raised twice as much money for its coming campaign than the Cons. However, the Con controlled SPACs have collected at least 25% of their funds from supporters who gave over a million each.In the case of Romney, a number of these Donors have been associated with him in the past, a couple through Bain Capital. Obama's ability to get massive amounts of money in small quantities from many people was his strength in the last election. This is known by the Cons and they are working hard to spread their support base in both material and other ways.Last time round, the donations of funds to political campaigns was constrained by law. This time, the Court Ruling which created Super PACS and their ability to receive unlimited amounts of money from big business, that are the primary source of funds for the Cons, will facilitate a radically different set of numbers.Further, the increased power of the extreme right wing of the Cons with the rise of the Tea Party and other similar groups, have empowered that faction who are influencing Candidate selection and future policy. Will they use these new powers to drive funding for Conservative Super PACs?The idea of using supportive Voters to buy (subsidized) advertising spots on radio, with the voters own voice promoting SPAC campaign objectives, could this be the new platform for the Cons to connect to people power and offset the Obama advantage, while enjoying the funding from big business?With the brilliant tactics of the ruthless Carl Rove now available to Con SPACs to put the spin on political reality on the one hand and the verbally violent likes of Rush, squealing like a stuck pig over the air waves on the other, there is need for a balanced opinion that can appeal to the swing voter, which can only be believably delivered by the average Joe (the plumber).Would you support your Party by voicing your own message and having it broadcast on local Radio? Please enter your comments below!
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