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    Here Are 13 Baby Animals That You Can Virtually Pet, If That's The Kind Of Thing You Need Right Now

    You need this right now.

    1. First, start off by giving this tiger cub a little love:

    2. These bunnies really need some loving right now, too:

    3. These little piggies got wind of us giving out loves and they came running:

    4. This baby goat is sticking their lil tongue out to get your attention:

    5. This little guy here is patiently waiting for your love and affection:

    6. These little foxes just need some cuddles:

    7. This teeny baby elephant deserves your love:

    8. This is a baby quokka. Please proceed with the petting.

    9. With all these darling lil pups curled up in this basket, it's hard to pick just one:

    10. And what about this teeny weeny penguin chick??? Should we help mom out by giving her lots of love?

    11. This itty bitty hippo is just CRYING OUT for some love:

    12. How could you possibly scroll by without giving some special attention to these kitties?

    13. And finally, there's just this little doggy dog left, paws up and ready for some love:

    This post was translated from Portuguese.