24 Things That Are 100% True If You Have A Dog

    #4. It's really your dog's bed, and you're just allowed to sleep on it.

    1. First of all, your camera roll is 99.9% just pics of your bb.

    2. There is no such thing as privacy in your home — not when your dog's around, anyway.

    3. You have full conversations with your dog, and you imagine what they'd say back (and what their voice would sound like).

    4. It's basically your dog's bed, but you're allowed to sleep in it.

    5. You recognize other people by their dogs, not necessarily by their name.

    6. Every time you leave home and can't take your furry BFF with you, you say goodbye to them as if it were the last time you'll see them..

    7. And you get extremely uneasy when you get back, and they're not there to welcome you immediately.

    8. You know that a big part of your paycheck automatically goes to your pet's needs...

    9. And somehow, you always end up spending way more on them than you planned!

    10. You have purchased and made use of several dog outfits.

    11. And, of course, you seize any opportunity to dress your baby up according to ~the season~.

    12. You feel like the worst person ever when your dog begs for your food, and you can't give it to them...

    13. Nothing is worse than accidentally stepping on your dog's paw or tail, and not being able to apologize to them.

    14. You've just come to accept the fact that there's dog hair on all of your clothing.

    15. You're also resigned to the fact that certain items will just disappear for days, only to show up with bite marks all over them.

    16. You're permanently stressed when you go on vacation and you have to board your dog up somewhere else, or have a dog-sitter.

    17. You're more invested in your dog's social media accounts than your own.

    18. You've spent many, many hours of your life trying to take "selfie"-style pics of your dog.

    19. You get mad if other people say that your dog is fat or ugly, but when you do it, it's out of love.

    20. Handling dog poop no longer fazes you.

    21. You make plans depending on whether your "baby" can come with you or not.

    22. You buy your dog much nicer things than you buy for yourself.

    23. You can feel your heart literally overflow when you hear their paws coming toward you.

    24. And you know that you will NEVER, EVER, NOT IN A MILLION YEARS be able to repay the unconditional love that this furball has brought into your life.

    This post was translated from Spanish.