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11 Signs It's Possible To Have A Filthy Mouth But Actually Be Really Polite

"Don't litter, you S.O.B."

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1. When you see someone drop their gum wrapper on the street, you think "Don't litter, you son of a bitch!"

2. You totally want to say to the lazy people on the bus: "That's fine, asshole, I'm sure your bag needs a seat too."

3. When you get into an argument and are *this* close to losing your shit, but don't want to, it's normal for you to say, "With all due respect, I'd like you to go fuck yourself."

4. When a clueless person cuts right in front of you, and you say in a calm and controlled manner: "Please, pay more attention, because I'm only gonna say this shit one last time."

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5. And when you need a bit of help from your coworkers, you ask them: "Give me a hand with this crap, please."

6. "Excuse me, please" is just plain boring. Much better to say "Fuckin' excuse me."

7. Your polite way of thanking your friends: "This is fucking incredible! Thank you so damn much, you fucking wonderful human!"

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8. "Do me a solid, for fuck's sake" is your version of "Please, if it's not too much trouble, could you help me out here?"

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9. Remember that day you bumped into someone on the street and said "Sorry," but deep down you really wanted to say: "Get out of the middle of the road, numb-nuts!"

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10. "Let's go now! Fuck... if we're late it'll fuck everything up" is what your friends always hear, rather than "Come on, guys, we're going to be late."

11. And, when someone runs a red light or cuts you off, you yell: "What the fuck are you doing you son of a bitch? You could get somebody killed! Would it kill you to respect people?"

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This post was translated from Portuguese.

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