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Are You Guys Seeing What I'm Seeing?

You guys see it, too, right?

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1. Admit it — this bag looks fucking stoked to be here.

2. And these carrots are embarrassingly in love...

3. There's something drowning with existential despair in this apple...

4. And this plug should really stop worrying, poor guy.

5. ~TFW you're a crepe but you're sad~

6. These switches are plotting something big...

7. And someone should check on this backpack...

8. This manhole seems quizzical, imho...

9. And this house might be laughing, but he's empty inside.

One can relate.
Twitter: @FacesPics

One can relate.

10. This rumpled shirt has weirdly dashing style...

11. And I'm not sure I'm ready to get this personal with my local produce.

12. Why doesn't this backpack have anyone to sit with at lunch??

13. Why is there a puppy inside this banana slice??


Instagram @selfie_pup

15. Could get down with this chair, though...

16. And would cuddle this paw/teddy bear, 10/10.

17. According to this typewriter, you're not working hard enough...

18. And this truck is watching, so don't even try with your tailgating bullshit...

19. Plus, this lil security cam is NOT messing around.

20. And it looks like everyone's getting into the Halloween spirit...

21. Including breakfast...

22. And happy hour.

23. After all, it's scary out there...

24. And it's always nice to have someone to ~face it~ together!

lol sorry

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This post was translated from Portuguese.

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