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17 Facts To Get You Acquainted With Rio The Boston Terrier

She's probably the most popular Boston Terrier on Instagram and she loves every minute of it.

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1. She loves breaking the rules. It makes her feel so ADVENTUROUS.

2. Her hearing is impeccable. In this photo, she heard a pin drop by the Eiffel Tower. She's in SEATTLE.

3. Rio has now claimed this Rio Rock. She recently read up on Plymouth Rock on the drive over and couldn't control herself.

4. She still thinks there are monsters in the closet. But come on, who says there isn't? Rio is the smart one by playing it safe with the lights on.

5. She is well prepared for flights. However, the flight was two days ago. But this neck pillow is SO COMFY.

6. She's a hugger. Even if it's to the dismay of strangers. But who can resist this cutie?

7. Be prepared to play fetch for a few hours if you dare to throw her ball. Go ahead, she DARES you.

8. She hates Mondays. She frequently wins the award for least punctual at work because she can't get out from under the warm, cozy covers. .

9. She absolutely LOVES the beach. Se knows how to soak up the sun! She requested I write "soak up the sun" as that is her favorite song.

10. She can't RESIST fast food. Even though no one ever understands her order ithrough the speaker box.

11. Don't you DARE ask her to watch sports. She won't even glance at the T.V. unless commercials are on. She's a sucker for the commercials.

12. She loves bath time. Just like at the beach, Rio adores water. She even sits in the tub at times and waits till someone comes in to take a shower. It's pretty startling tbh.

13. She gets overwhelmed pretty easily. How is she going to choose from ALL of these TOYS?

14. Her favorite holiday is Christmas. She thinks no one knows it's because she likes to eat the Christmas tree.

15. She HATES baggage claim. It feels like 100 dog years to have to wait for the bags.

16. She's pretty outdoorsy. Rio isn't afraid to get some dirt up under her nails.

17. She LOVES how popular she is on Instagram. Tbh, she's a little braggy. But who can blame her? She's got SO MANY FOLLOWERS.

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