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16 Animals On Their First Day Of High School

We track an animal's first day of high school. Excitement turns to anguish which turns to relief which turns into 4 more years.

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1. The initial excitement of finally starting High School

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"Aw yeah! High School is going to be the best. It won't be too long till I get a driver's license. I'll have more freedom." Everyone will be so cool. I'll be cool."

2. The send-off to school by Mom

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"Have a good day at school honey. Be safe and make the right friends. I don't want you getting into the wrong crowd. Also, stay close to James. You guys have been buds for awhile."

3. Getting on the High School bus

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"Okay it's the High School bus. Be cool. Wait, where do I sit? I don't know anyone on this bus. I'm the last stop too so the bus is going to be full. Oh no, I'm scared. What if today is horrible? What if no one likes me?"

5. Kids making fun of the outfit that you thought was cool

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"I feel so stupid. I knew I should have kept it simple. I thought this shirt from Hot Topic would look so cool. It has skulls on it. Skulls are cool."

6. Finding your friend in between classes

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"Oh thank god. James how's it going? Today has been rough so far. High School isn't fun at all. Wait, you what? You're trying out for the football team? You don't even like sports. What happened to us playing video games after school?"

7. Seeing your old friend's new friend

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"Yeah that's fine. You can go. I'll see you around. Maybe come over after tryouts today? Why are you laughing? Don't make fun of my shirt. James...James?

9. When you realize you don't talk back to the bully

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"I'm sorry! I'm sorry. Take it, take the money. I don't even like Harry Potter. I'm wearing this skull shirt ironically! Please don't hurt me."

11. Trying to be invisible

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"If I don't do anything to standout, maybe people will leave me alone. I'll just spend the next four years by myself. Maybe I'll take a vow of silence. Oh no, the lunch bell."

14. When the kid at lunch is nice to you

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Hey bud, don't worry. I remember my first day of school. It sucks. But you'll get through it. I remember feeling super alone and eating alone at lunch like you. So what are you into? I really like playing video games. You like Halo too? I love Halo! We should play together sometime. I'll totally win."

15. Heading home and telling mom about your first day

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"Well, it wasn't that bad. Actually, I met a friend. His name is Brandon. He wanted to know if I could go over to his place this weekend. He said his parents are cool with it. Okay great! Thanks! What are we having for dinner?"

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