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Two Twin Brothers Separated Since World War II Have Finally Been Reunited

"Brothers forever."

This is the emotional moment two twin brothers were reunited after almost 70 years apart.

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The BBC video shows twins George Skrzynecky and Lucian Poznanski, 69, who were separated during the chaos of World War II.

Their Polish mother gave birth to the boys after she was freed from a forced labor camp in Germany.

However, she quickly fell ill, and the boys were taken to Poland, where they were adopted by separate families.

In the 1960s, George discovered he was adopted, but the Red Cross was unable to help him track down his twin brother. He later moved to the United States.

Lucian, who made a life for himself in Poland, only found out he had a twin brother last year. "Deep in my heart, I always knew," he said.

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When the Red Cross was able to locate the pair last year, the brothers were overjoyed. "I never knew when this day would happen, but I always was thinking one day I would find my brother," George said.

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After decades of life apart, the pair were finally reunited in Warsaw, Poland.

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"I don’t care about winning the lottery, I just want to have my brother by my side," Lucian said.

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"Brothers forever," George said.

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After their meeting, the pair were shown historical records to learn more about their family.

They discovered their father was an American soldier who returned to the U.S. after their birth.

They also learned they were taken to Poland without their mother being notified, and she searched desperately to find them again before her death in 1952.

Despite their heartbreak, and decades of lost time, the brothers said they were happy to be together at last.

"Finally, we found each other. Finally, I say the story is closed," George said.


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