These Cops Probably Went Too Far With Their April Fool's Joke

    Never tweet.

    This is Radcliffe, a small town in England which is just outside Manchester.

    robert wade / Via Flickr: rossendalewadey

    To mark April Fools' Day, the local police tweeted this:

    Rather than letting sleeping jokes lie, the cops dug in further, assuring concerned twitter users that the prisoner release vote was an election ploy by politicians for the upcoming British general election.

    They even provided updates on who was winning.

    Twitter: @GMPRadcliffe

    Damn that Bolton shoplifter! He's only in the lead because he's cute.

    And just to really get people fired up, they told people that the winning prisoner would get a two-week trop to the Mediterranean with a whole lot of spending dough.

    Twitter: @GMPRadcliffe

    Side note: how sweet is Sally? She'd prefer they stay behind bars, but if these prisoners are getting released it had better be to "somewhere shit like Towyn." What a craphole Towyn must be.

    So are you really surprised that they had to tweet this a few hours later?

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