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Tips For Structuring Your Day While You're Out Of Work And Job Hunting

We know job hunting is different for everyone, but here are a few tips that might help you stay positive throughout the day.

Set daily goals you can keep track of.

Maybe your goal is to send three applications a day. Maybe it's to take the day off and rest. No matter how big or small, setting up goals will help you stay focused and leave you feeling accomplished at the end of the day.

Structure your working hours.

Blocking off your work hours establishes much-needed boundaries between your job hunt and the rest of your day.

Designate a workspace.

While laying in bed with your laptop perched over you might sound ideal, designating a workspace helps you stay focused and on top of your game.

Be mindful of your nutrition.

We're not saying you have to eat a salad for every meal, but tracking your nutrition and setting designated times for your meals serve as a great backbone for any routine.

Engage in physical activity.

Staying active helps you remain mentally sharp and can be a great way to release anxiety or stress.

Take breaks throughout the day.

Schedule some downtime throughout your day to avoid burning yourself out.

Get to know your procrastination.

Try to better understand your procrastination. If it's impeding on your day, what's triggering it and what are ways you can beat it? If it's the only moment you have to decompress, then maybe it's time to go back to the drawing board.

Dedicate time to connect with friends.

Staying in touch with friends is a great way to reassure yourself you're not going through this process alone. Make sure you send a text to the group chat or give your friends a call every once in a while.

Allow yourself to make mistakes.

Figuring out a solid routine will take some time, but know that it's OK to make mistakes along the way. Every day won't be perfect, and coming to terms with that allows you to tackle the next day head-on.

Be your own best friend.

If there's only one tip you'll take away from this list, make it this one. Be the supportive, compassionate friend you need in the process. The journey will be tough, but nurturing yourself and practicing self-love will make all the difference.

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