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    Why The USA Needs To Give In And Embrace Cricket

    I don't like cricket. I love it. And so should America!

    The chorus of 10cc's classic, 'Dreadlock Holiday', more or less sums up the feelings of most Americans. They don't like cricket.

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    That's probably because they're under the impression it's an old-fashioned, eccentric game that takes days to finish

    OK, well there's truth in that. But cricket is changing. No longer do cricketers play only in white

    Though perhaps they should

    Similarly to baseball, there are three main aspects of cricket. Batting...


    ...and fielding

    And whilst it may sometimes look easy any professional sport it requires an incredible amount of skill...

    ...and complete concentration at all times

    Because if you take your eye off the ball for just a second...

    ...this happens

    And that doesn't just apply to the players

    One of the greatest things about cricket is the sledging

    Fielding positions have bizarre yet brilliant names. Like...



    Beyond the actual game, going to a cricket match is a great day out. For starters, check out the fashion

    Though there are certain strict dress codes in some areas of cricket grounds...

    ...there are signs that these rules are being relaxed

    There is nothing better than sitting back with a cold beer (or 7) in the sun as you watch the day's play unfold

    But if you're not interested in the game you can just work on your tan

    Unfortunately this happens all too often. Though it would be less of a problem in the more predictable climate of the US

    Hardly any countries play it, so even if the US was late to the party, they'd be one of the best teams in no time

    If you're still not convinced, here's what England captain Alastair Cook looks like

    And here he is with two of his friends

    Now he's on his own again

    And here's his huge weapon

    Lily Allen is a huge cricket fan

    As is Benedict Cumberbatch

    The future king loves a game

    And it even made Harry and Draco put their differences to one side

    Cricket is also the national sport of Gallifrey

    And last, but by no means least... there aren't many sports you can play whilst eating a toasted sandwich

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    So come on, America. Put down your baseball bats. Put on your whites. And come and beat us at something else we invented!