Why Ant & Dec Will Be Best Friends Forever

Little known fact - And & Dec falling out with each other is actually one of the signs of the apocalypse.

1. Just in case you’re unsure, this is Ant…

2. …and this is Dec

3. Over the years they’ve done everything together

4. You missed out dancers, guys!

5. They met as kids

6. And are just as close today

7. There have been good times…

8. …bad times…

9. …and bad haircuts!

10. But at the end of the day they are both professionals

12. And they’ve always got each other’s backs

13. Unsurprisingly, there has often been speculation about exactly how ‘close’ the boys are

14. We can’t think why

15. When you spend that much time with someone, feelings can get confused

17. But they’ve always known where the boundaries are

18. Of course, there has been conflict

19. Voices have been raised

20. It’s even been known to get physical

21. But they find it really hard to stay mad at one another

22. Because they’re so in sync

24. Well, most of the time

25. They’ve never even let a girl come between them

26. Which is quite impressive!

27. They will clearly be friends forever and ever

28. Just imagine how good being in an And & Dec friend-sandwich would be

29. On second thoughts…

32. So there you have it. Ant & Dec - the bestest friends the world has EVER seen.

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